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Autistics Aloud

Autistics Aloud

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Autistics Aloud is a quarterly published grassroots digital and print magazine. We are open to individuals of all ages and diagnostic stages, including self-aware/self-diagnosed, on the Autism Spectrum and located in Canada. 

We are proud to officially publish the first Edition in a project known as LifeSpans, which provides a platform to Autistic Canadians to share their experiences, stories, hopes, fears and messages with the world.
The 10 Edition Series published over the next 3 – 4 years will focus on the lifespan of Autistic people in Canada as shared by first person expression.

Please click here to access this ground-breaking 42-page pdf that we are so proud to share with everyone. 

Submissions for all the remaining Editions are open with the focus being on the upcoming Edition 2. The topic is mental and physical health.

Our contact info is: 
Phone: 902 - 593 -1015 ext 307 
Address: 1550 Bedford Hwy, Suite 302 Sun Tower 
Twitter: @AutisticsAloud 
Instagram: @autisticsaloud 
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Paper copies available upon request. Please use a contact method above to discuss the details.  

Many thanks to our 15 contributors for their insights and for leading the way as we create these 10 Editions!   
Please enjoy Edition 1 of Autistics Aloud, LifeSpans.
Patricia George-Zwicker