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Autistics Aloud

Autistics Aloud

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We’re a grassroots digital and print magazine that publishes 3 times a year and is open to individuals of all ages and diagnostic stages on the Autism Spectrum located in Canada.

We’re always open to submissions/stories from Autistics/individuals who have Autism/ASD and welcome suggestions for content and layout accessibility or any questions relating to our publication. Submissions can be made anonymously if that is preferable.

Deadline Information:

The topic is – “What is Autism as share from Autistic/ASD people’s point of view?”

You can share your answers through art, photography, science, written, or spoken word. There are countless ways to contribute!


Twitter: @AutisticsAloud

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Over 3 years and 10 editions, Lifespans will endeavor to collect and assemble the very diverse stories, lived experiences, hopes, dreams, fears, and need of those in Canada who many have many differences but share a very powerful commonality – Autism.

Patricia George-Zwicker