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Autistic Self-Advocacy Council of Nova Scotia

The Autistic Self-Advocacy Council of Nova Scotia (ASAC-NS) is a community-based and self-directed not-for-profit group of people on the Autism Spectrum that gives people with ASD an opportunity to discuss and learn about the issues, decisions, and  practical day to day challenges that affect their lives, and the opportunity to support each other for greater overall success.  READ MORE

Autistics Aloud

Written and edited entirely by people on the autism spectrum, Autistics Aloud is a unique publication which showcases the many gifts and talents amongst the autistic community.  READ MORE

Education Services

Public awareness of the features of autism and how it impacts the lives of those living with ASD and the others around them helps to promote acceptance and inclusion. Autism Nova Scotia offers the many types of education services to expand awareness in society.  READ MORE