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Family Education Series

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The Family Education Series is open to everyone, including family members, professionals, students and individuals with ASD. ​

This series is brought to you by Autism Nova Scotia Family Support and Community Outreach programs. 

2018/2019 Family Support Education Sessions

September 2018 - Exploring Safety and Preparation: presentation by Jenny Tyler, Family Support. Learn about the safety tools you can put in place to support an individual with autism and what tools you can create and use to be prepared for various situations.

October 2018 - Skill Building for the Teenage Years: presentation by Jenny Tyler, Family Support. How to engage in school advocacy and teach time management, hygiene, and other life skills. A guide for caregivers on supporting an autistic teen. 

November 2018 - Skill building and Transition to Adulthood: presentation by Jenny Tyler, Family Support. Learn about the resources available for autistic individuals after school ends, what skills you can support as a caregiver, medical transitions to consider and more! 

December 2018 - Building Household Chores into a Schedule: presentation by Jenny Tyler, Family Support. Why is this important for our individuals on the spectrum and how can caregivers incorporate it into their routine? 

February 2019 - RDSP and your Dependent's Tax Return: A special guest speaker will be invited to share general information about RDSP and when caregivers should be submitting tax returns for their dependents. Speaker will be announced prior to event.

March 2019 - Autism and Siblings: presentation by Jenny Tyler, Family Support. Learn how to support the siblings within your home, encourage positive interactions between siblings, and educate siblings about autism. 

April 2019 - Supporting a Family Member with Autism: presentation by Victoria Ettinger, Family Support. This Autism Acceptance Month, join us as we look at how community, family, and friends can support families who have an autistic loved one. A look into what life may be like behind the scenes. 

May 2019 - ASD Diagnosis: presentation by Victoria Ettinger, Family Support. Does your child have a new diagnosis of ASD? Are you waiting on a diagnosis? You may feel alone while you are either waiting on or have a new autism diagnosis for your loved one. Join Victoria to learn about the supports and tools available and ask questions. 

How to Register: 
Register online via Eventbrite or contact Jenny Tyler.

PLEASE NOTE: We only book for the next upcoming education session. Reservations cannot be made for other sessions.  

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Non-members - $5 (at the door) 

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