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Family Support Education Sessions

2017 / 2018 Family Support Education Sessions 
  • September 2017 – An introduction to Executive functioning and Theory of mind presentation by Jenny Tyler Family Support for Autism Nova Scotia.   
  • October 2017 – “I’m an adult on the spectrum, what does that mean for me?” Presentation by Chrystal Tushaus.  Helping adults and older youths with ASD understand their diagnosis and how to communicate their needs to others.  This session is open to all who are newly diagnosed or have an existing diagnosis.    
  • November 2017 – Compounding medications – Medications can be challenging to deliver in standard pill or liquid form.  Did you know there are medication forms such as gummy medications, to meet the special needs of patients?  Come to our Nov Education Session to learn more about compounding medication. 
  • January 2018 – Getting the most from respite? Join us, as Melissa Myers presents a session on what to look for when searching for a respite worker, what ideas you can give to the worker so that the time is used in the best way.  Funding information and respite databases information will be available  
  • February 2018 – ASD and sleep.  Join us as Dr.Penny Corkum presents an information session covering topics on sleep and ASD.  Why is sleep needed, should there be a routine or let sleep happen when it does and use of melatonin and other sleep supports. 
  • March 2018 – Understanding the early years in daycare.  More info to be confirmed 
  • April 2018 – Family Time with Jenny Tyler.  Think, Ink and Do as a family.  How to try and find a balance in your family life when living with ASD 
  • May 2018  Journey to a destination – Join us as two travel teams and Jenny Tyler offer tips for travelling for vacations around the world. 
  • June 2018 Autistic and work ready – Join our team as we present how to get “work” ready with autism.  What skills can be developed, where to get help and what does it mean to accept a job? 
All dates and sessions may be subject to change.  Updates will be via e mail to our membership base and social media channels.   
All sessions require tickets, which will be advertised one month prior to the session. 
For further questions, please contact Jenny Tyler Family Support Autism Nova Scotia.