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Life Skills 2

Life Skills

Autism Nova Scotia is redeveloping our Life Skills program! Based on the success of the program’s first year we will be adding additional components.

We are looking for feedback from teens and adults with autism, parents/guardians, family members, and professionals working with individuals with autism as to which Life Skills areas would be most beneficial for us to consider for this program.

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The Life Skills program is a 10 week program focused on Money Management and Cooking Skills, and is structured for individuals on the Autism Spectrum who are currently living on their own or are transitioning to living independently within the community.

The goal of the Money Management session is:
  • To develop financial skills required to live within their means
  • To understand what money is and different forms it can come in
  • To understand the concept of borrowing money
  • To understand credit rating and the importance of good credit
  • To understand the components of a budget
  • To recognize whether spending habits are equivalent to available income
  • To demonstrate effective decision making in spending and saving
  • To understand how advertising techniques can influence buying decisions
  • To explore why debt occurs and how to prevent it

The goal of the Cooking Skills session is to teach basic conventional cooking techniques and kitchen safety. Participants will also have the opportunity to grocery shop for the necessary ingredients in the various recipes. Participants will be making a hearty soup, pasta, salads, pizza, baking a cake, etc.

Who: Ages 18 and up.
Where: Money Management sessions: Autism Nova Scotia at 5945 Spring Garden Road in Halifax.
            Cooking Skills sessions: Four Points Sheraton Hotel at 1496 Hollis Street in Halifax.

There is an intake/screening process for the Life Skills program. For more information, please contact 902.446.4995 ext.30 or email