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Autistics Aloud

Autistics Aloud

Autistics Aloud is a Quarterly Publication that gives its space to Autistics living in Nova Scotia, Canada as a means to share our stories and our unique way of experiencing the world around us.

Happy Autumn everyone! Halloween has just passed and after a very successful Summer Edition, Autistics Aloud is back with Volume 10, Edition II.

Like the Summer Edition the magazine has been kept 3/4 Nova Scotian Autistic contributors and then the remaining is opened up contributors from anywhere else in the world.

I'm particularly pleased that means that you'll get to read a fantastic article by an Irish Autistic about why Autistics make excellent childcare providers!

So it's with great pride I ask you to please click (here) for the PDF version of Autistics Aloud, Volume 10, Edition II. 

I hope you enjoy just how diverse the topics have become in a short time. I am eager to  continue this trend.

See you in the New Year for the Winter Edition!

Please share Autistics Aloud whenever you can.

Best wishes.

Your Editor,
Patricia George-Zwicker

For more information, questions and submissions please contact the Editor at