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Autistics Aloud

Autistics Aloud

Autistics Aloud is a Quarterly Publication that gives its space to Autistics living in Nova Scotia, Canada as a means to share our stories and our unique way of experiencing the world around us.

Hello friends of Autistics Aloud!
Welcome to the 2017/2018 Winter Edition. 
And what an Edition it is! Over 40 pages with 15 Contributors!
Half of the contributors are new to Autistics Aloud. Such wonderful growth.
Since the very successful and well travelled Autumn 2017 Edition there's been a very exciting development! Eligible submissions are placed in a draw for a chance to receive 1 of five $50.00 gift cards.
Here's a link to the live draw that happened last Friday:
We've also added a Subscription list! So when the Spring Edition is ready you will get to get it first in your inbox!
Please follow the link to sign up:
And just when you thought there couldn't be anymore exciting news! There is!
I'll be travelling to Ottawa in April to be part of a First Voice Perspective panel at the CASDA Leadership Summit and I'll be taking copies of Autistics Aloud to share with as many people as I can. This will include Canadian Members of Parliament and Senators! 
I am determined to prove there's nowhere we don't belong!
So it's with great pride I ask you to please (click here) for the PDF version of Autistics Aloud, Volume 10, Edition III. 

Please share Autistics Aloud whenever you can.
See you for the Spring Edition! 🌼

Best wishes.

Your Editor,
Patricia George-Zwicker 

For more information, questions and submissions please contact the Editor at