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Autistics Aloud

Autistics Aloud

Autistics Aloud is a Quarterly Publication that gives its space to Autistics living in Nova Scotia, Canada as a means to share our stories and our unique way of experiencing the world around us.

Volume 10 has a new editor and a new layout and with that comes an evolution in this valuable publication. Click here to view latest edition.

So for the 1st time Autistics Aloud is also opeing itself up to submissions from Autistics around the globe. There is limited space in each edition, but I feel like it's the right time to take this next step.

Going forward I have many new exciting ideas. There will be giveaways and contests. 

Currently accepting submissions for the Fall 2017 Edition of Autistics Aloud. See email below. 

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make Volume 10 - Edition 1 into the amazing publication that it is. This is the begining of a wonderful journey. I hope you'll join me on it.  Let's make Autistics Aloud into what I know it can be!

Your thankful Editor,
Patricia George-Zwicker 

For more information, questions and submissions please contact the Editor at