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Family Respite Weekends

Social and Inclusive Programming

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Autism Arts

The Autism Arts program invites children, youth, and young adults who are on the autism spectrum to explore art mediums through self-expression. The program creates an opportunity for new friendships to develop and participants to take part in a positive recreational experience within the community. READ MORE

Ben James Autism Summer Camp

The Ben James Autism Summer Camp is a recreation program for children and youth on the Autism Spectrum between the ages of 6-21 years. Each camper is supported with a 1:1 camper/counsellor ratio and activities are designed specifically with participants’ needs and interests in mind.  Look for details on 2019 Camp in Spring 2019.  READ MORE

Bridges to Success

Bridges to Success is a weekly social program for young adults ages 18-24 with autism who require higher levels of support. The program focuses on life, recreation and social skill development that promotes community exploration and engagement.  READ MORE

Brigadoon Family Weekend Retreat

Family Respite Weekend Retreats are for families with a child or youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) to enjoy a weekend together at beautiful Camp Brigadoon. This camp is all inclusive and will feature valuable information sessions and fun camp activities for parents, siblings, and campers with ASD. Each family will have their own room within one of Brigadoon’s lovely cabins to share together at night.  Look for details on 2019 Retreats in Spring 2019.  READ MORE

Chat 'n Chill

Chat 'n Chill is a monthly event held in partnership with Enactus Dalhousie. This monthly event is a social night for adults with autism to chat and meet new people. READ MORE

Dungeons and Dragons Group

D&D Club will bring together adults with autism who share similar interests in fantasy and role-playing based games weekly to play D&D. Each group will be led by a Dungeon Master (DM) and supported by another volunteer. Groups will range in size from 3-5 participants.
Participants will learn how to develop their characters while interacting and socializing with peers in a safe supportive environment.​ READ MORE

Healthy Relationships, Sexuality, and Autism Program (HRSA)

The Healthy Relationships, Sexuality and Autism (HRSA) Program supports teens and adults (19 years and up) with autism through inroducting concepts of sexuality and social skills through interactive, sex-positive, inclusive sexuality education lessons.

Social Group

Teen and Adult Social Groups bring together teens (14 years and up) and adults who would like to meet peers who are also on the Autism Spectrum. Outings and activities are chosen by participants. Supported by trained volunteers, groups are between 6-10 members. Registration for Fall session starts September 8th.  READ MORE

Supported Social Group

The Supported Social Group Pilot Program will create an environment where youth on the autism spectrum (age 14-21) can meet and socialize. Each participant must have the support of a respite worker. The program will also be supported by 2 student occupational therapists and 2-3 volunteers. The group will have 5-6 members.

The Supported Social Group will allow people to have the opportunity to make friends and engage in meaningful experiences. Each week will consist of different activities, as well as opportunities for socialization and skill building.  READ MORE

Video Project Club

Autism Nova Scotia has started a Video Project Club for adults with autism interested in creating short films.  READ MORE

Women's Autism/Autistic Project
The Women’s Autism/Autistic Project aims to bring autistic women (18 years old and up) together to connect with each other in a safe and welcoming environment. READ MORE