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Matt's Story

When Matt took part in the EmploymentWorks Canada program through Autism Nova Scotia last year, we knew right away that he would become an excellent employee. Matt felt it was important that he earn his own income, and be active in his community. His goal was to search for employment and apply to jobs on his own. This was something that Matt had never done before, and he was very keen to get started.
Enthusiasm and hard work paid off, and Matt had his first job interview within one month of starting EmploymentWorks. While he was still in the program, Matt accepted a job as a greeter with Subway. Now employed, Matt continued to participate in EmploymentWorks where he learned essential skills to succeed in his new job. After completing the program, Matt stayed on with EmploymentWorks through the winter term as a peer mentor. Matt was a tremendous help to new participants in the program, as well as an accepting and supportive friend to all. 
Matt has been working for Subway for a year now, and his hours and job duties have steadily increased. Customers and co-workers love him, and his boss really appreciates Matt’s dedication. Matt is proud of his work, and enjoys maintaining a good work-life balance. When you walk into Subway in Tantallon, you will be greeted by Matt’s warm cheek-to-cheek smile and a friendly “Hello!”
A well-rounded member of the community, Matt is actively involved in Special Olympics, and he is a proud speaker and advocate for autism acceptance and inclusion. Matt’s next goals are to move out and live on his own, and to continue working at Subway as he develops the skills and experience to move on to his next career goals. Way to go, Matt!
Matt feels that it is important for adults with autism to be employed so that they can get out into the community, know what it’s like to be a member of a team, and have confidence that they can succeed. Matt says that employment for autistic adults is “a two-sided coin” – people with autism need to learn the skills to find and keep a job, and their employers need to feel confident in their employee’s abilities. Matt says that he doesn’t think he would have found a job without EmploymentWorks, and he is happy that he can help spread the word about Autism Nova Scotia’s programs.

Why Give?

Every person on the Autism Spectrum is unique, and so is each of their journeys. With the right supports and opportunities, Matthew Walsh is a shining example of what a person with autism can achieve. There are many individuals like Matt who deserve to fulfill their potential, and Autism Nova Scotia is proud to be a part of their journey. 

With your generous gift this holiday season, you can support this journey for over 14,000 Nova Scotians with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families.
Now celebrating 15 years in the community, Autism Nova Scotia and our 8 Chapters are committed to providing opportunities for best practice programs and services in the province. Your support helps ensure that individuals with autism and their families experience understanding, acceptance, and inclusion in the places where they live, work and play.

This year, Autism Nova Scotia received over 1200 support calls in the Halifax region alone, and many more through our Chapters. Province-wide, Autism Nova Scotia offers a broad range of programs including social groups, summer camp, arts programs, pre-vocational programs and employment support, recreation programs like swimming and horseback riding, respite support and weekend family retreats, information and systems navigation support, and more. We could not do this without your support. 

With an estimated 1 in 68 people diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, your support gives over 14,000 Nova Scotians with autism the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.    

Autism Nova Scotia’s programs are making the difference. From a child going to summer camp, to a young adult getting their first job, to a family finding the supports that they need, and much more, your gift to Autism Nova Scotia is changing the futures of people with autism and their families.
Your gift is what makes successful journeys like Matt’s possible. Thank you for being part of the journey. 

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