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Employment Infographic Resource: Are you being laid off from work?

The above infographic is available in text for anyone requiring a text-reader down below:

Are you being laid-off from work? 

What does "laid-off" mean? 

Sometimes an employer has to make the decision to stop employment for a worker. This is called being “laid-off.” 

Laid-off vs. fired 


Being laid-off is not the same as being fired. Being laid-off does not mean a person did something wrong, or was not a good employee.  Employers do not usually want to lay-off people, but they have to for reasons they can't control. 


Did I do something wrong? 


No, you did not do anything wrong. Sometimes an employer has to lay-off workers because they do not have enough money to pay them anymore, or because of health and safety reasons. 


COVID-19 virus  


Right now, because of COVID-19, there are a lot of health and safety concerns for everyone.  Many businesses, schools, daycares, restaurants and other employers are closing to help everyone stay safe at home. Being laid off allows you to be safe at home too. 


Will I get my job back? 


Maybe. A lot of employers do not know what is going to happen during the next few months. Most employers cannot give an answer at this time, because they do not know yet, so we have to be patient. Some jobs may be back soon, and other jobs may not. Many employers may need to stay closed for weeks, and some employers may be closed for months.  


Health and safety  


Making sure that everyone is safe and healthy is the most important thing right now.  When everyone continues to stay safe and healthy, some workplaces may be able to open again. 


What should I do next?  


You can apply to receive Employment Insurance (EI) from the Government of Canada, which might give you money temporarily. The Government of Canada is also working to provide additional short-term financial help for people who were laid-off. When workplaces begin to open again, your employer may decide to hire you back. It's important to be patient. 


Helpful things to remember 


This information can change quickly!  It is normal to feel frustrated and confused. It may be helpful to talk to someone you trust about these feelings.  New information is always coming, so stay up to date with reliable information from the government at