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COVID-19 - Autism Nova Scotia Programs and Services Update

 COVID-19 NEWS UPDATE FROM AUTISM NOVA SCOTIA: Latest Update as of Jan 4, 2022 

​(Please check this page regularly for ongoing updates to programs, services, and office openings/closures)

To keep our community safe, we have limited our Autism Nova Scotia centres to scheduled appointments only.

When you arrive for your scheduled appointment, please knock or call our front desk to come let you in.

Our staff will proceed with asking you the routine COVID questions before you can sign in. We appreciate your cooperation as you continue to wear your mask and keep your hands sanitized while in our office space.

All Autism Nova Scotia staff will continue to be available via appointments or remote support between 8:30am - 4:30pm Monday to Friday. 

To contact us, you may call our Halifax offices at 902-446-4995 or your local chapter (, or email us at

As we return today on January 4th, majority of our programs and services and remain online until January 12th to keep public health protection as our top priority.

A small number of our programs will run in-person if remote/virtual support is not available, please see the following list for the programs that may operate in a hybrid model:

(1) QuickStart

(2) PASS

(3) Job Coaching.


All of our staff will continue to practice social distancing, wear 3-layered masks and other relevant COVID protocols based on the program and environment in which the service is being delivered.

Thank you.

Due to the expected heavy traffic, we appreciate your patience and co-operation as we strive to respond as promptly as possible. 



COVID-19 Outbreak and Autism Related Resources: 

Autism Nova Scotia has created different resources and online guides for funding applications, families, students and more. 
​Please click here to visit our resources page. 

For more information regarding the development of COVID-19, please visit the province's website: