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The Pearl

The Pearl

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Who We Are
The Pearl is the social enterprise of Autism Nova Scotia which includes a high quality, affordable jewellery line made by family, friends and people on the autism spectrum here in Nova Scotia.

The sale of each piece of jewellery directly supports the programs and services at Autism Nova Scotia, but more importantly helps support families and individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Why did we call this initiative The Pearl?
Pearls are strong, unique, beautiful and versatile. Of all the gems, the pearl is the only one that becomes what it is because it is nurtured. In the creation of a pearl, a clam or oyster receives a challenge to its system and it responds to that challenge by creating a supportive environment for what becomes a precious gem. With the right support, each person with autism can develop into the best that they can be – like a precious and unique pearl in the lives of the people who know and love them.

At Autism Nova Scotia we are committed to working together with our families, community partners and supporters to create a world where people with autism are accepted, celebrated, and given the opportunity to be a valued part of our community and lives. This is the promise that we at Autism Nova Scotia put behind these precious pearls, and the unique people they represent. It is also for this reason that we named this new initiative, The Promise of a Pearl. A project with both sustainability and heart, The Pearl initiative can accommodate retail or wholesale needs, and can be adapted to support communities and autism organizations across Nova Scotia and beyond.

Our Vision
The vision of The Pearl is to increase awareness, and to share the inspiring message that the pearl represents the strength, beauty and promise of people with autism.