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Transition Readiness & Autism Community Employment (TRAACE) program is a provincially funded program offering pre-employment skill building modules and a volunteer work component for individuals who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The 18-week program serves young adults with autism who are currently enrolled in high school, ranging in age from 15-21 years old. The students meet once a week for a 16 hour volunteer work placement.  


The modules include:  

  1. Career Cruising 
  2. Job Searching  
  3. Writing a Resume 
  4. Writing a Cover Letter 
  5. Interview Skills 
  6. Managing Anxiety & Requesting Accommodations 
  7. Sensory Sensitivities & Requesting Accommodations 
  8. Self-Management 
  9. Successful Socialization 
  10. Workplace Health & Safety  


The student is matched up with a community partner for the volunteer work placement. During the placement, the student is accompanied by a trained job coach. The job coach collects data and information about the students’ progress for the final student report.  

The TRAACE program is also run throughout the school year with various school boards throughout Nova Scotia. When implemented in school, the teacher follows the TRAACE curriculum for selected students. Autism Nova Scotia provides assistance with the start-up process, volunteer work placements, training the job coaches and the evaluation tools. The evaluation tools are used to assess the effectiveness of the program and student progression. 


If you’d like to participate in the TRAACE program, please contact Jamie-Lynn Black, Clinical Supervisor, at 902.593.1015 or email for more information.  


This project is funded by the Province of Nova Scotia, Post-Secondary Disability Services.