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Social Skills

Social Skills (PEERS) Program

This program follows UCLA’s PEERS model to support adults (18 yrs and up) with autism to develop and maintain friendship building skills. This is an interactive program with a parent assisted component that meets once a week for two hours for 14 weeks. 6-8 adult participants will be supported by our Program Director, Outreach Coordinator, Respite Database Coordinator and trained volunteers throughout the 14 weeks.

Both adults and their parents/caregivers will be meeting each week at the same time but partaking in separate lessons and activities. Both of these groups will be covering the same themes.

The goals of the adult component of this program will be to develop:
- Introduction skills
- Conversational skills
- Electronic communication skills
- Choosing friends
- Arranging and hosting get togethers
- Handling disagreements
- Dating

The goals for the parent component of the program will be to develop skills and strategies to support their child with learning and maintaining these skills.

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Social Skills Registrations opens Friday, September 8th, 2017
Who: Adults ages 18 and up with their parents/caregiver

When:  Starting on October 4th, 2017
Where: Gorsebrook Junior High School (5966 South Street).
Cost: $175

Social Skills Participant Application
Please note: this program fills up quickly. All applications are time stamped based upon arrival and processed in that order.
For more information, please contact Yevonne Le Lacheur 902.446.4995 or email