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Navigating Respite Support

Steps to apply for respite funds.

Interested in applying for respite funds but having trouble navigating Direct Family Support, please click here.

Understanding the Appeal process.
If you have applied for funds and have been denied, click here.

Advocating for change.
Receiving a letter indicating your application or appeal has been denied can be difficult. As an organization, Autism Nova Scotia understands the importance for respite on the family.

With your support, we hope to advocate for change to the current policy that adversely affects many families across the province.
If you have been denied respite funds in the last 12 months and you are interested in taking the initiative in changing current policy, our Supports & Respite Coordinators Jill Cormier and Anna Brewer would be more than happy to send you a template that can be submitted to your MLA.

Email: or
Phone: 902-446-4995 ext. 33

Respite Guide Book
Are you looking for general resources on Respite in Nova Scotia? This guide book is for parents and caregivers of child and adults with disabilities who are thinking about adding respite into their lives.

Check out the Nova Scotia Respite Guide Book: an easy-to-follow guide through the process of discovering the role respite could play in your family, how to apply for respite funding, ways to recruit and hire respite providers and sharing the care of your loved one.

​This guide will help you navigate a course towards meeting the needs of your family member.